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PVC Pipe

Are you looking for a trusted SNI PVC pipe distributor? We are the main choice for supplying high quality SNI PVC pipes. With the various advantages we offer, you will feel satisfaction shopping with us. We are supported by stock availability, making Raja Pipa the right partner for our relations who specialize in the pipe installation business and as a Distributor of SNI PVC Pipes we have up to date prices and the latest prices.

What is SNI PVC Pipe?

SNI PVC pipes are UPVC pipes used in piping systems/networks in accordance with Indonesian National Standards (SNI 06 - 0084 - 2002), designed to deliver clean water to the wider community and various types of projects, including: PDAM, public works projects, real estate, Industry, Plantation, Agriculture, and Others.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes with SNI standards (Indonesian National Standards) are the best choice for various pipe installation needs. This product meets stringent quality standards, making it a reliable solution for a variety of construction and water distribution applications.

SNI PVC pipe is a reliable and high quality choice for all your pipe installation projects. With SNI standards, you can be sure that this product meets the highest quality requirements. Invest in the sustainability and reliability of your pipe system with quality SNI PVC Pipes.

SNI PVC Pipe Types

SNI PVC pipes have two types, namely: Rubber Ring Connection System and Solvent Cement (Glue) Connection System. The Rubber Ring Connection System is a connection system that combines pipes and fittings using a kind of rubber ring inside. This system makes the pipe leak-proof and more flexible.

Advantages of SNI PVC Pipe:

1. Tested Quality: SNI PVC pipes have been tested according to national standards, so you can be assured of the quality. This product is resistant to corrosion and has a long service life.

2. Resistant to Chemicals: PVC pipe is resistant to most chemicals, making it a safe choice for transporting various types of liquids.

3. Light and Easy to Install: SNI PVC pipe is light and easy to install, saving time and effort during installation.

4. Environmentally Friendly: PVC material is recyclable, which supports environmentally friendly practices in construction projects.

5. Available in Various Sizes: SNI PVC pipes are available in various diameter sizes 63 - 400 mm, so they can be used in various applications, from drinking water lines to sewer lines.

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Don't hesitate any longer, as a leading distributor of SNI PVC pipes, we are ready to help you meet your needs for high quality pipe supplies for your project. Contact us now for further information or order your product and our marketing team will help to provide information on prices and product availability. With us, you get a trusted pipe supply at the best price.

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